Motion Graphics are what we do best! From promo videos and web videos, to corporate videos and TV commercials; Motion Graphics are becoming an increasingly popular way to promote your products or services.

Stencil Media specialise in Motion Graphics and have an impressive list of clients from around the world. From small start up companies to large multi-nationals, we’ve created dozens of Motion Graphics videos to help our clients get their message across to their customers and clients. As such videos are created entirely ‘within the computer’, it’s possible to create an extremely high quality of video without the excessive cost and hassle of a traditional video shoot. If you’ve not yet done so, then please take a look at our showreel on the homepage to get an idea of what’s acheivable with Motion Graphics.


Post Production, which encompasses the use of VFX, turns a good video into a great video! We use industry standard software to provide a whole host of Post Production services to enhance the production value of your film or video.

From editing to colour grading, Stencil Media have considerable experience of using Adobe Production Premium; an industry standard editing, effects and compositing software package. Post Production makes a big difference to the final look of your production and is vital in the creation of a professional looking film or video. Post Production services we provide include editing, colour correction, colour grading, titles, credits, vfx, compositing, and chromakey work. We’ll be honest though... we’re no Industrial Light and Magic, and we don’t claim to be! We can provide high quality work at competitive prices, from a ‘boutique’ studio; if you’re looking to make ‘Transformers 4’ then that might be slightly out of our league!


Although we specialise in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Stencil Media also provide video production services and have recently invested in a Canon HDSLR to provide the best possible quality footage for our clients.

We have provided video production services for a wide range of clients from fitness clubs to journalists and an online antiques show. Our professional video equipment allows us to capture the highest quality of footage and in stunning Full HD. The use of an HDSLR with it’s 24fps and large image sensor, combined with our experience of editing and colour correction, means we can create videos of cinematic quality. From event filming and interviews, to promo videos and high quality TV commericials; Stencil Media are able to meet all your video production needs.

We're Carbon Neutral!

Stencil Media are an environmetally responsible company and we offset our carbon usage at the end of each year. That’s the way we roll.

Quick and Secure Delivery

We have our own file delivery software for fast, secure and hassle-free delivery of your drafts and final videos. We also have a dropbox for you to send us any files, images or logos that we may need to create your video.

Free Revisions

At Stencil Media, it’s important to us that our clients are happy with their video. As a result we provide any reasonable amount of minor revisions at no extra charge.

Peace of Mind

All of the software we use at Stencil Media is genuine and fully licensed for your peace of mind. We also ensure that any audio, footage or images we use in your video are correctly lisenced for commercial use. We’re good like that!